The professional cooperation between Eng. Stefano Malagò and Arch. Giovanni Policante starts with the foundation of M.P. & T. Associati studio (in Verona).

Although they have different professional background and experience – Eng. Malagò in the field of civil structure design and Arch. Policante in the field of architectonical design - they set the interdisciplinary approach as their founding principle of their studio.

In the early years, when the office is located in via Cesare del Fabbro, they develop important projects about building restorations and housing.


Following the founding aim, M.P.&T. Impianti was established and team was enlarged, including Geom. Gianluca Zordan to improve his knowledges on systems scope.
Since the works amount the company has needed to move to a new place along Via Albere; in the meanwhile the company's extended his knowledge, increased the number of professionals and besides architectonical and engineering design it provides services in the areas of systems design and safety in the building site.


The growth and development of M.P.&T. Associati made it necessary to move to a more appropriate place such as the building in Viale della Fiera – Verona – where the studio is currently based.


M.P.&T. Engineering S.r.l. is founded as engineering services company which further develops the original idea aggregating new heterogeneous professionals in urbanist, environmental, alternative energies and bio-architecture designs. Such services are provided both within the activities of the M.P.&T. Engineering S.r.l.’s associates and also, at inter-professional level, within the activity of other design studios.

The company, whose activity is realized in the office in Viale della Fiera on a 500 sqm surface has matured significant experiences in the following areas:

  • refurbishment of historical and monumental value building;
  • private and public housing;
  • commercial;
  • directional center;
  • exposition spaces;
  • sporting centers and scholar buildings;
M.P.&T. Engineering won an european competition for the refurbishment in a monumental field of Passalacqua and Santa Marta former barracks in Verona. In this context (200.000 sqm) is designed the biggest urbanist parks system of the City of Verona (about 180.000sqm) together with the projects of buildings connected to sport, spare time, residential function, learning activities for University of Verona, directional and commercial activities connected to the University Center and other neighborhood facilities.

The company is is also in charge of the project for the restoration and development of cultural , urban and architectural heritage of the Cyrene archaeological area (Libya). This task includes the realization of the new Museum Center, the creation of the Necropolis Museum, the  Ethnographic  Museum and the restoration of the Superintendence and the buildings owned by the Department of Antiquities (library besides the infrastructural project dedicated to receive visitors.


The appointment of three new partners improves knowledges in integrated design, energetic and environmental sustainability in order to offer more services to our clients.