Algeria – Orano – Thalassoterapeutic center

The project is located in Marsat el Nadjadj on the north of Algeria and it's distant 17 km from Arzew and almost 48 Km from the county capital, Orano.

The project site is close to the beach and it's characterized by some critical like geological soil instability and  high level of water-bearing stratum.

The project of the new thalassoterapeutic center includes a hotel with an auditorium and the complex finds its architectonical and volumetric references in the traditional elements of arabic culture and in the natural and hydrological  landscape of the country. Moreover the sinuous course of the close salt flats in Arzew, and more generally, the sandy dunes and the rock walls of Sahara gave us the inspiration for the initial concept where it's possible also to read a link to the geometry and decorative shapes belonged to the islamic art and architecture (for the thermal area we've taken in consideration the roman thermal baths like historical reference).

The building site is 22.000 sqm, and it provides a covered area of 14.300 sqm as total (esteemed  the surface of every levels).

The interior functional layout of the complex provides more type of fruition: the touristic stay in the hotel including wellness and thalassoterapeutic area, the only use of  thalassotherapy area or the only use of congress center.

Even for the exterior design we've taken clear references from arabic world: the senses garden for swimming pool area and the paths defined by the water flow and the geometric decorations for the steel frame covered by vegetation and it placed above the parking area in order to protect from sunlight.

Close to the beach it's provided a more natural vegetation like palm groves which leave an wonderful points of view of the seaside.